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The Legend of the Lightning Stone


Shepherds say that their first ancestors discovered the secret of lightning. They discovered it and decided not to forget it. Their survival depended on it. They thought that the lightning bolt had a very dangerous stone at its tip of fire.


Someone must have sharpened it painstakingly, meticulously, relentlessly. Its edge cuts better than that of an ax. It is that cutting stone that causes as much damage as that caused by lightning, the one that opens a tree in half, the one that destroys the chimney of a house, the one that pierces a person making a hole from head to toe, the one that kills a flock of sheep sheltering under an oak tree. Of course, lightning strikes the earth many times without causing any misfortune. In these cases, the sharp stone at its end is buried in the ground. It does so, due to the speed with which the beam descends, to a considerable depth of seven meters. It is always seven meters. Not one more, not one less. And it is then there, in the darkness of the subsoil, when a mysterious fact takes place . The buried stone begins to rise to the surface.

Who is pushing it? Hades, the king of the underworld, who can see where mortals cannot? We do not know. What we know is that it rises at a progressive rate: every year, one meter. So seven years later, the stone is already up in the sunlight. These lightning stones are highly sought after. The shepherds look for them in the field with eagerness. Because if you are lucky enough to find one, you will never have to fear lightning. That stone, once evil, has now become benefactor. Whenever the lle see him pastors (and those who are not pastors), we defend them from the ravages of storms.


Blessed amulet the lightning stone! More protective than a lightning rod.

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